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Force Galaxia #2
  • Force Galaxia #2

    SKU: 200901

    The Force Galaxia epic continues. Enter the cosmic consciousness of capes in space and follow the adventures of Francisco the Supergreen and his friends in the galaxy spanning Force Galaxia.



    Supergreen 14

    Art by Mike Werner

    Letters by Kurt Hathaway


    Omegan Chronicles

    Pencils by Rodolfo Hernandez, Gabe Pena, and Josh Mills

    Inks by Brian Steward and Josh Mills

    Colors by V Shane

    Letters by Kurt Hathaway


    MG and the Sisters of Power

    Art by Cristian Alaminos

    Colors by V Shane

    Letters by Kurt Hathaway


    Other Art 

    Curtis Cosmic Cuts Ad by Todd Harris

    Map of Omega by Josh Mills

    Lunar Independence Movement by Robert Roach

    Universal Gladiator League by Josh Mills

    Cover by Mshindo Kuumba

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