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Force Galaxia #3
  • Force Galaxia #3

    The third issue of the Galaxy spanning adventures of Force Galaxia include the stories Supergreen14, MG and the Sisters of Power, and PAX Force G.



    Supergreen 14

    Written by Andre Owens

    Art/Colors by Mike Werner

    Letters by Alex Lugo


    MG and the Sisters of Power

    Written by Andre Owens

    Art by Cristian Alaminos

    Colors by Michele Davies and Juan Cakra

    Letters by Alex Lugo


    PAX Force G

    Story by Andre Owens and Charles Alfinito

    Words by Jeff Howard

    Pencils by Jaymes Barrett

    Inks by Daniel "Raly" Rivera

    Colors by Gavin Stuart Ross

    Letters by Alex Lugo


    Edited by Holly Glasen

    Cover Art by Facundo Lopez

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