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Web Series (coming soon)

Willing to take any case for any price! The Psychedelic Detective is the Rockford Files on LSD.
The Psychedelic Detective Teaser

The Psychedelic Detective Teaser

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Andre Owners - Writer/Director/Producer

Andre Owens is the creator and writer of the Force Galaxia universe as well as many other graphic and film franchises. 

DeWayne Copeland - Producer

DeWayne Copeland is an independent author and filmmaker.  He penned the sci fi short story "Ja Rel Sunstormer and the Port Controller of Cruzar," and he has written and directed—and produced for others, a number of short films, among them DDX: Department of Disclosure, Forbidden Fruit Pie, Oops..., and Prenups.  DeWayne is the co-creator and producer of the live action, super-hero web-series "CV Nation."  He is also the assistant editor on the graphic novels "Chaosis," "Little Big Shot," and "4 Color Inc."

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